Tip #2: Sluts and Stuck-Up Bitches

A teenage girl who I adore and love mentioned to me last year, “You’re either a slut or a stuck up bitch…guys call you a slut if you do stuff with them but they call you a stuck up bitch if you don’t.”

By “do stuff” we can imagine this means any kind of sexual activity.

It can feel like a “lose-lose” situation with this one. But what you must remember is this kind of talk from guys is a display of insecurity; it’s a way for them to feel in control when in reality, they’re terrified. It’s much easier for douchey guys to call a girl a “stuck up bitch” than to look at himself and accept the fact that he’s been shot down by a girl he wanted.

As for being called a slut? It’s all about intimidation, control and impressing their guy friends. (Refer back to “Tip #1”, ladies…there are nice, decent dudes out there. They’re hard to come by when they’re teenagers, but they do exist.) Popular guys want to be accepted by their friends, end of story.


Tip #1: Boys

If you’re a popular girl, you’ll definitely need to move down a couple of ranks in the social hierarchy to find a decent guy worth dating. Popular boys are worthless.

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