Tip #3: Self-Esteem

In the film Mean Girls, Mr. Duvall (Tim Meadows) turns to Ms. Norbury (the great Tina Fey) to ask for help with the junior girls’ attitudes: “There has to be something you can say to these young ladies. Something to help them with their self-esteem?”

Ms. Norbury responds, “It’s not a self-esteem problem. I think they’re all pretty pleased with themselves.”

However, it has proven that it is, in fact, a self-esteem issue. Anyone who is mean to others for sport is unhappy. If you’re a truly happy person who is comfortable with yourself then you don’t have the desire to hurt anyone. Misery loves company. So that girl at school who seems so perfect and beautiful who is also nasty to other girls? She’s miserable. Just trust me on this.


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